Job interviews - preparing students for the world of work

19 May 2017
Job interviews - preparing students for the world of work

Preparing students for the world of work is a crucial element of the New College Telford programme.

And as part of this, six members of staff from Redefine BDL, the management group which works with the Whitehouse Hotel, were invited into college to stage a series of mock job interviews.

The purpose of the visit was to give students an idea what to expect when they take their first steps into the world of employment.

Four Redefine BDL staff conducted a series of 'speed dating' style interviews, while the other two led a group interview exercise.

The students who took part had been identified as needing support with interview practice, and all agreed it had been a worthwhile and engaging experience.

The interview team, led by Alison Berry, provided formal feedback to the students, and say they are keen to return after the exam period to offer further support.

Students taking part in interviews with Redefine BDL