In the 2013/2014 academic year the Corporation adopted the Carver approach to Governance following consideration of a paper entitled 'Carver and Beyond' at the Summer residential meeting. The distinctive character of the colleges that adopted the Carver approach was characterised as:

  • a smaller Corporation
  • more full Corporation meetings
  • fewer committees
  • a restructuring of the Corporation agenda
  • a focus by Corporation members on the Corporation's vision, mission and strategy

New College Telford Corporation now meets in full session four or five times a year. Members also serve on three sub-committees: Audit, Search and Development and Remuneration. Governors are also required to attend two or three Development Seminars each year and many attend a number of internal College activities and external events.

Minutes of Meetings

The Clerk to the Corporation is responsible for producing a record of proceedings at each meeting of the Corporation and its Committees. The minutes of a meeting are confirmed at the following meeting of the relevant Committee or the Corporation. Once confirmed the minutes (other than confidential elements) will appear on this website.

For any queries about meetings of the Corporation and its Committees please contact The Clerk, Keith Scribbens via email: or via telephone at the College on 01952 641892.

September 2015 Minutes

December 2015 Minutes

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March 2016 Minutes

April 2016 Minutes

June 2016 Minutes


The Governing Body of the College is 'New College Telford Corporation' and comprises up to twelve governors with a wide variety of skills from varying backgrounds and experience, each serving in a voluntary capacity. The Corporation includes parent, students and staff governors and others with an interest in the College, along with the College Principal.

The responsibilities of the Governing Body are established by the statutory 'Instrument and Articles of Government' contained within the 'Rules & Procedures'.

The Governing Body's primary collective responsibilities are to discern and agree the College's educational character and mission, ensure its solvency and safeguard its assets, approve its annual budget, set its policy frameworks and oversee the quality of what it does.

The College's Vision is to be inclusive and diverse, inspiring all students to achieve excellence

Its Mission is to provide high quality educational opportunities for all students

Strategic Objectives are that students will achieve their ambitions and become independent learners, employable and work ready

Individual governors also have senior management linkage to seven areas of the curriculum:

Safeguarding/PREVENT, Quality, Resources and Business Growth, Higher

Education, National Hospitality School, Equality and Diversity and Health and Safety.

The Principal, supported by a management team, is responsible for implementing Corporation decisions, managing the College, its staff, budget and resources, agreeing it's academic and other activities and student discipline.

For further information on any aspect of governance, or if you would like to learn more about being a governor, please contact The Clerk, Keith Scribbens at: or via the College on 01952 641892. From time to time there are vacancies on the Governing Body and the Corporation is always keen to hear from people who are interested in becoming a College Governor.

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